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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.


14 - Peter Clines Any "weird house" story usually falls into two parts: the slow unravelling of weirdness, and the action at the end, where the characters have figured out what's going on and are either trying to survive or escape. '14' is no exception to this rule, and like most of these books, the mystery is far more interesting than the final section.The cover suggests the book is horror, and it is, in its way, but it's more weird science. The characters are semi-reasonable, though with one dreadfully predictable stereotype, and there's at least one character who could be entirely cut from the plot and it would make no difference whatsoever. There's also a bit of incipient and pointless rivalry between the two 'main females' which expressed itself in bitch/slut snark, which was tiresome and seemed to serve no purpose given where the relationships went.You also wouldn't want to be over a certain age in this book - you're clearly there to be killed without really being that big a loss.A big peppering of geeky book and movie references to round the story out, and a solid dose of "you stupid people - there was a point where you should have stopped poking around and you didn't".