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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.

Castle Waiting

Castle Waiting, Vol. 1 - Linda Medley, Jane Yolen "Castle Waiting" tells the story of the inhabitants of Sleeping Beauty's castle, after she has been woken and long ago left. An isolated castle surrounded by the ruin of a town and a high briar hedge, it is a place which has become a sanctuary.This thick volume is divided into three main portions. A swift retelling of Sleeping Beauty's tale. The arrival of Jain, fleeing her brutal husband so she can bear another man's baby (the baby entertainingly resembles Shrek). Then the story of Peaceful, a Solicitine nun.The Solicitines, who are all bearded women, are awesome and I enjoyed this part of the book by far the most (with a little discomfort for the story of the origin of the Solicitines, which involved "woman unfriendly Middle-Eastern background").The art style is pleasant, there's a lot of quiet humour, and gentle cameraderie (if a little too much smirking ), and I'm looking forward to the next volume of this.