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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.

Circus Galacticus

Circus Galacticus - Deva Fagan How many unhappy children have longed to run away to the circus? And who can resist a spaceship which is a circus tent?Trix self-sabotages. Her longing to perform, to excel, is constantly in conflict with her very need to prove herself, and a temper which all-too-often leaves good sense behind. Running away to the stars gets her away from a very negative environment, but it doesn't let her escape herself. And it's only when Trix can own all that's good and bad about herself that she's really going to find happiness.There's a touch of Doctor Who about this story: magic and wonderment and secrets to go with your adventure. A fast-paced read full of highs and lows which skews toward the younger end of the young adult or upper end of the middle grade spectrum.