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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.

The Little White Horse

The Little White Horse - Elizabeth Goudge One of the most descriptive books I've ever read, "The Little White Horse" begins with a sumptuous indulgence of scene-setting. Every character, every room, every view from every window is described in glowing, joyous detail as young orphan Marie arrives at the home of her cousin.There is a plot to be found among the description, and Marie does need to be quite valiant along the way, but for me during this journey goodness became syrup, and the story edges on one of those instructional tracts demonstrating the "right way" to be - I could definitely have done without the homilies on suppressing female curiosity, for instance. And it was something indeed to discover that atheism is a condition which can be cured by a blow to the head.I really liked the opening, really enjoyed the joy and sense of wonder and sheer appreciation of the beauties of a country home. But I was underwhelmed by the plot.