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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Murder Must Advertise - Dorothy L. Sayers One of the stronger books of the series, purely for delving into the worlds of advertising and office politics.I did spend a lot of this book totting up all Wimsey's virtues: premier wine connoisseur, unerring on matters of fine apparel, matchless driver (and car to match), exceptional cricketer, superb athlete generally, apparently irresistable to (most) women - and that's not even counting his originally noted manuscript expertise and his ability to detect his way out of paper bags. Many writers weigh their detectives down with exceptionalism, and sometimes you buy into it and sometimes you just raise an eyebrow at it. On this read-through I'm raising an eyebrow at it.Again we shift uncomfortably about some class issues, particularly the question of people who went to (State) schools having huge inferiority complexes about people who went to (Private) schools (using the Australian definitions there). Sayers lifts this up and examines it, but as she so often does, then goes to show the aristocrat to be naturally superior in some way - if only in his attitude toward the issue (an attitude displaying more privilege than anything else).I did like Miss Meteyard in this one, though.