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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Rivers of London  - Ben Aaronovitch The voice in this book reminds me strongly of a few blogs I've read, written by anonymous Ambulance workers and Police Officers. In some ways "Rivers of London" is a police procedural, it's just that the procedure is that of a special department of the London Police, one devoted to the extra-human powers that they don't like to admit to.Moving at a fairly relaxed pace over a period of six months, "Rivers of London" keeps up an intriguing plotline with a likeable protagonist. I did find that my curiosity more than my emotions was engaged, and the narrator doesn't truly allow us to see his emotions. I did, early on, suspect that Lesley would be fridged but although the developments were more complex, Peter's reactions felt like they were behind a glass wall - we never really _feel_ any depth of reaction and his kissing session with a certain River shortly after Lesley's face is distorted in a most-likely fatal manner feels wrong, especially given how Lesley is the only person who has been shown as any sort of friend to him, not even getting into the years of unrequited lust.The US title of this book is "Midnight Riot" and that is actually a better name to capture what the story is about (though "Rivers of London" is more evocative and has a far superior cover).