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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
The Mysterious Howling - Maryrose Wood A story about a governess hired to look after three children found living wolf-like in the Woods.Didn't work for me. The narrator (apparently speaking from modern times) adopts an arch tone, full of little improving asides, which kept not ringing true. The governess, Penelope, seems to be intended to be an "Anne of Green Gables" (good and true and earnest and a little naive), but lacked her charm and just did not come across as real. It didn't help that she was fifteen, stretching credulity from the outset. The children were improbable - starting out with no/little apparent human speech, and in a spectacularly short space of time attaining the ability to read while retaining a lack of comprehension of humanity (along with much in the way of distinct personality).The story has very little closure within the volume itself - you won't find the answers to the mystery set up, just a partial cliff-hanger.Not a series I'll continue with.