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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Finder Library  Volume 1 - Douglas Wolk, Carla Speed McNeil Readers of Hellblazer or Transmetropolitan will recognise something of this protagonist, Jaeger. An insider/outsider, who knows what's what, elusive, trickster, double-crossing, always something up his sleeve bastard. The success of the story depends very much on whether the main character charms you, gets you on his side - or makes you long for his failure.Jaeger bored me.The world is extremely complex, the plot full of tangents, and increasingly the volume focuses not on Jaeger but on a family estranged from their father (someone from Jaeger's past). Emma and her three children are also very complex characters but, again...sigh, just couldn't get into it.Not a fan of the art style either.