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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Museum of Thieves - Lian Tanner A did not finish review.Museum of Thieves is basically a pre-teen dystopian story, of a world which is surely the nightmare of most children, one where all children are so overprotected that they are kept chained (to their parents or Keepers). This apparently is to save them from child thieves, or plagues, or robbers, or any of dozens of dangers.How being chained makes you safe from a plague isn't exactly clear.I suspect many readers will like this story better than I did. I should definitely stay away from dystopias because the worldbuilding usually makes it impossible for me to stick at it. Otherwise, I wasn't quite captured by the characters, thought it a little heavy-handed (the so Good but not too politically wise leader and her patently a bad guy brother, for instance).I found myself disinterested enough to not even bother to flip to the end to find out if the explosion was a set up by the brother. Just not for me.