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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Competition Can Be Murder (A Charlie Parker Mystery) - Connie Shelton This one really didn't work for me. During a working holiday to Scotland, three mysteries arise - the theft of some lambs, the kidnapping of a teen, and helicopter sabotage.The characters really didn't come across as believable Scots to me, and there were a couple of clangers (Dogs to guard against wolves in Scotland. Seriously.). But more to the point, with the mystery regarding the teen, the culprit was highly obvious once a "need money" motive had been uncovered. As for the helicopter issues: it appears to boil down to evil unions are evil - the culprits there seemed barely real people - just hulking union heavies happy to commit murder. I could not get over the idea that a helicopter pilot could be shot without causing an enormous fuss (guns are _not_ common), let alone the loss of a helicopter the very next day being considered not related to the shooting!The story just failed on the credibility front for me.