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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Three-Day Town - Margaret Maron Combining Maron's two mystery series, Three-Day Town is much like its title - a brief visit to somewhere exciting. Deborah Knott and her husband Dwight go to New York for a belated winter honeymoon, only to stumble across a dead body in their apartment. Responding to the homicide is a time-shifted Sigrid Harald, picking up her story a couple of years (and yet decades) after the death of the artist who transformed her life.The story is an easy read, effortlessly charming and intriguing us with the people involved. The inhabitants of Maron's books are people you want to get to know more. The mystery itself is one of those which are not so much solved as resolved. But by bringing together the two detectives, we end up only getting a 'taster' of them both. To some degree it feels like half of a book, even though the mystery was firmly resolved.It did make me miss Sigrid Harald and wish that we could see more of her story.