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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
The Vanishing Shadow - Margaret Sutton Judy Bolton is the daughter of a small town doctor. She's something of a headstrong girl, who sniffs at the dangers of riding a semi-tamed horse, and once ran off in a temper and stayed at a friend's overnight without telling her family. But she will not break a promise, no matter how it was extracted. She has a close but not unproblematic friendship with her brother, who was sickly as a child and as a result is inclined to be cowardly (earning him the name "Sister" from colleagues).Reading a book written in the 1930s can be a hit or miss affair. Some are timeless, with characters so clearly defined and beautifully themselves that they will be loved for centuries, and some are so bound in the social expectations of another age that they jar on modern sensibilities. The description of this series tells me that to many "Judy is a feminist in the best light - smart, capable, courageous, nurturing, and always unwavering in her true beliefs - a perfect role model."Judy Bolton drove me insane.Fearless, yet inclined to shriek. Smart, yet a simple solution to a problem keeping her silent does not occur to her for half the book. Practical, but naive to the point of idiocy. I soon grew so impatient with Judy that I could barely keep reading.Definitely did not work for me.