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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Some Buried Caesar - Rex Stout, Diane Mott Davidson This is one of those mysteries which are "simple if only I'd thought about it". Wolfe repeatedly points out that a few logical deductions led him directly to an obvious suspect, and there is indeed a straightforward path to follow. The story is solid and satisfying (though I feel a little sad for the family of one of the victims) and it's a good example of how Wolfe's dismissal of the female half of the species does not prevent him from acknowledging any admirable actions or traits, nor prevent Stout from writing nuanced, living females."Some Buried Caesar" is the introduction of Lily Rowan to the series, and she is a pleasantly complex creature. On some levels she's the female equivalent of a rake - monied, out to amuse herself, and not necessarily principled (at least where the young men who chase after her are concerned). Almost she could be the villain of the piece, but in the end she is just herself, neither winning nor losing where Archie is concerned, neither monster nor innocent regarding men who fall before her.