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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Moving Violation (A Chloe Boston Mystery, #1) - Melanie Jackson A did not finish book for me. While the prose is clear and readable, the book unfortunately features the kind of main character which just doesn't work for me at all. There is a resemblance to Temperance Brennan (the TV not book version) in that Chloe Boston is a woman with a strong set of beliefs, and a tendency to step outside normal social interaction, but unlike Brennan she is not a well-respected forensic pathologist brilliantly solving crimes, but instead a disparaged parking officer, stumbling from one humiliating situation to the next. I've never been able to enjoy stories where much of the comedy revolves around the awkward embarrassment of the narrator.The story has its charms, but it's just not my cup of tea.