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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Final Curtain - Ngaio Marsh The first post-war Alleyn, taking its start in Troy's world. Troy is one of my favourite characters (in and out of the Alleyn mysteries) and so her tale, among the over-dramatic Ancreds, is engrossing for me, and it's nice to see her and Alleyn settle some of the 'business' of being married, of working out how to be together.The real oddity of this story for me is that it's a Troy story which involves a beautiful and morally bereft woman called Sonia. Given that Troy's introduction involved the murder of the beautiful and morally bereft Sonia Gluck, I found the use of the name again very distracting, particularly as neither Troy nor Alleyn commented on it, even when discussing how to deal with his job.Without the time spent in Troy's life, this book would probably be a 3 star, but she lifts it for me.