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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 78 - Neil Clarke Short stories all seemed to be on the theme of controlling the politico-historical dialogue.The Weight of a Blessing by Aliette de Bodard - a mother visits her daughter before she's sentenced to deportation to another planet. Daughter is a 'terrorist' who caused a colonialist monument to display a truer attitude of the colonised toward the victors.The Last Survivor of the Great Sexbot Revolution by A C Wise - Once sexbots were ubiquitous, then they were almost all gone. Many different versions of why are presented (I frowned and wondered how such disparate 'truths' could be given any credence in a technological world, but perhaps that was the point).86, 87, 88, 89 by Genevieve Valentine - archivists collect any written evidence following an incident of domestic terrorism in a dictatorial New York.Videodrome at Thirty by Keith Phipps: talking about a movie I haven't seen. :)Accepting a More Profitable Shoe: A Conversation with M. C. Planck by Jeremy L C Jones: talking about a book I haven't read. :)Another Word: Original Sin by Alethea Kontis - discusses the softening of fairytales, and then current tastes in fantasy.