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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 77 - Neil Clarke Gravity by Erzebet Yellowboy - Doomed astronauts sent to try and make the sun "burn hotter" because the Earth is cold. Focuses mainly on psychological response of the various doomed astronauts to being doomed and (apparently unnecessarily) self-sacrificial. Atmosphere of regret. Somewhat distracted by wondering if making the sun "burn hotter" is really the solution for an ice age.The Wanderers by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam - Aliens come to take over our world, lured by horror and alien invasion films (evidently not noticing how most of the alien invasion films end). The most entertaining of the three stories for me.Vacant Spaces by Greg Kurzawa - Using alien engines has weird side effects. Interesting, with a detatched air.The Great Leap Sideways: SF and Social Media by Mark Cole -I enjoyed this article, which runs through various ways social media (primarily in the form of MMOs) have been depicted in film.Always a New World: A Conversation with Karen Lord by Jeremy C JonesAnother Word: Reading and Writing and Moral Judgment by Daniel Abraham - Talks about the gap between writing to be "morally correct" vs writing to be "true to oneself". Uses the example of "strong female characters", but seems to be working from the base of "strong female character" as kick-ass, rather than "strong female character" as "real person, not lazy cipher".