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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Return of the Hantu - Cara d'Bastian Another intriguing entry into the life of Ursula Formosa, reluctantly entering the extraordinary world.These books fall somewhere in between urban fantasy and paranormal romance (there's a slow build possibility of a relationship, but it's not the main focus) and their strength is in their setting (an insider's view into modern Malaysia and Singapore, and the vast array of spiritual world surrounding that cultural foment) and in the practical and engaging voice of Ursula.Structurally, they're somewhere between an episodic serial, and a larger book which has been broken into pieces. The two books so far I see as 'steps' in Ursula's progress (first accepting that she cannot simply pretend her spiritual abilities don't exist, and now moving from early introductions to spiritual teaching into directly trying to learn more). The plot itself is larger than the books - we've discovered a primary antagonist, and an investigation in the first book has reappeared very effectively in this entry (he's my favourite part) - and this is definitely not a story you can read as a single entry.I wish each entry was a little longer, but otherwise I'm enjoying Ursula's story, and will be reading on.