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Andrea K Höst

Australian writer of science fiction and fantasy.
Heart of Stone - H. Lynn Keith A near-future espionage thriller focusing on an AI named Joyce who for the span of the story occupies a sailboat in a manner reminiscent of McCaffrey's "The Ship Who Sang". While espionage is not my usual cup of tea, I found this book thoroughly engrossing, not least for the "behind the scenes" look at our connected world, of the packets of data which reveal so much of our lives. In a way the story reminded me (in a non-comedic way) of Monty Python's "Galaxy Song" - the sense of a vast galaxy of intrigue moving and spinning around a single small sailboat.This is a techno-thriller, not a car chases and gunfights story, and I think is all the more interesting for the data-tracking stage its battles are fought upon.