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End of the Old (The Apocalypse Blog, #1)

End of the Old (The Apocalypse Blog, #1) - Melanie Edmonds I have a love/hate relationship with post-apocalyptic stories. I'm always fascinated by the beginning, the how it happened, and those first few days, and the adjustments to not just surviving but rebuilding a world. A lot of stories, however, seem to immediately shift to some tin-pot megalomaniac and overthrowing that person instead of the question of survival. I guess there always needs to be a Boss to defeat.The Apocalypse Blog, however, (or at least book one of it) has focused refreshingly on the parts of post-apocalyptica which I enjoy. I liked the voice of the narrator, and was caught up in wanting to know what happened next - and having reached the end of the volume, _still_ want to know what happens next. Always a good thing.The read was not without some niggles: If the bomb had an EMP which fried the car engines, how did all those ambulances and fire trucks run? What kind of acid melts flesh and bone but leaves shirts? And didn't the shift from survivors to named gangs happen very quickly?, but these were easily pushed aside. Definitely picking up the next volume.